Working at AlmaWolf

When applying for a job at AlmaWolf people are often struck by one thing: the “interview” process. Most companies invite candidates to formal interviews and ask lots of questions about past jobs and academic qualifications. At AlmaWolf we invite people to come over for lunch, meet the team, and then have a chat with our senior management.

Our focus is firmly on the future, and the purpose of the “interview” process is to determine a person’s potential to grow and help our companies reach their goals. Filling the job position is important, and our new team members must have the right qualifications, however, a person’s attitude and their willingness to stay with us long term are essential.

We strongly believe that diversity is key to our success and great ideas rarely come out of traditional, boring companies where everyone thinks the same way.  Our team features more than 12 nationalities, with a wide spectrum of genders, cultures, and beliefs. At AlmaWolf everyone is welcome, as long as they have the right attitude.

On this page, you can find job openings, internship opportunities as well as an option where you can introduce yourself and send your CV. We are always looking for talent so don’t be afraid to apply

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