AlmaWolf is a group that creates and develops businesses with a global scope that are easily scalable and highly profitable. We succeed by thinking big, embracing diversity, and welcoming bold, fearless, people that want to grow and build their future.

If you’d like to partner with us, learn more about our businesses or join our team you are in the right place. Keep scrolling to learn more about our businesses or head to our partnerships and career sections to learn how we can work together.

Our brands

There are currently 8 companies under the AlmaWolf umbrella, 6 of them are fully owned by the group, and two are the result of partnerships. They operate commercially under the following brands:


SAGITAZ is a company that provides customized integration solutions, training, and consulting. As a Zoho premium partner, it specializes in integrating Zoho Suite solutions with third-party solutions and in the creation of efficient ERP, CRM, and sales & marketing systems.


Woztell is an official WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider that integrates WhatsApp’s Business API with systems like HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce and Zapier. It allows companies to integrate, centralize and automate WhatsApp communication into CRMs, ERPs and other management systems.


Sanuker is an AlmaWolf partner that specializes in building chatbots and low-code, cross-platform messaging solutions. Originally started in Hong Kong, the company grew into a global business with the help of AlmaWolf and now boasts a presence in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Spotfone is a VoIP solution that provides affordable, efficient, web-based phone systems that can easily integrate with CRMs, ERPs and other business management systems. The solution has seen constant improvement over the years and was originally created as a project by an AlmaWolf intern, who later became a senior developer.


Sasabot is a brand that is currently being developed by AlmaWolf and will become a company that creates specialized chatbot solutions for over 20 industries. Its focus will be on multi-platform, easy to integrate message-based systems that are simple to use and solve the specific needs of their target industry.

Channel 4 Mavericks

Channel 4 Mavericks, also known as C4M, is a consulting company that helps SaaS businesses with the development of their distribution channels, new partnerships, and growth strategies. To maximize its potential, C4M only works with companies that think differently and have solid, ambitious plans.


Zenith is a business school that provides digital transformation training for companies and individuals, through both e-learning and in-person courses. Its courses are regularly updated and provide certifications on a variety of topics ranging from Zoho Suite to sales and marketing.

University Chair

The Conversational Commerce Chair is a project created by AlmaWolf, Sanuker and the University of Valencia that will be launched in Q2-2021.